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Yellowfin Tuna over Mixed Greens

This is one of our favorites because of it’s simple elegance.  Who doesn’t like Yellowfin Tuna?  I love the versatility too.  The fresh tuna is wonderful with the marinade, but if fresh tuna is not available or it doesn’t fit the budget right now, that’s okay.  Canned Yellowfin, preferably in oil, is perfectly good too.  Either way, you are getting some lean protein that is delicious and super healthy for you.  This is dinner party worthy, my friends, so go ahead and wow them.  You don’t have to reveal your sources, but I will always welcome kind words and constructive criticism when it comes to any of my recipes.  They are tried and true because part of my goal is to make life easier for you.  And to sell a shit ton of cookbooks so I can finally retire from the restaurant industry and stay home and write more cookbooks.  It’s all for you.  Isn’t that nice of me? I originally intended this salad to be paired with the Sesame Orange dressing, but since then, I have realized that the Asian Vinaigrette would work beautifully too.  Both of these dressings are available in the Dressings & Sauces category of this blog.

The Stuff You Need:

Ingredients for two dinner salads

8 ounces of Yellowfin Tuna – If using fresh Tuna, there is an optional marinade provided below.

If using canned Tuna, you will need one 4 ounce can per person, lightly drain the oil.

Mixed Greens – About 1 packed cup per person.

Endive – Either mixed in with greens or sliced thin with the veggies below.

Oranges – About 1 each, zested and sectioned, 6-8 sections per plate.

Bell Pepper, Cucumber, Red Onion – Sliced thin.  Portion amounts are up to you.

Slivered Almonds – about 1/3 cup for two people.

Butter – Small knob

Kosher or Himalayan Pink Salt

Dressing:  I recommend Sesame Orange – or – Asian Vinaigrette (both can be found in the Dressings & Sauces section of this blog)

For the Marinade – enough for one 8-ounce piece of fresh tuna

½ Cup Orange juice

1 tsp Sesame Oil

½ tsp fresh grated Ginger

Pinch of Salt & Pepper

Here's How It's Done:

To Marinate the fresh Tuna

Combine marinade ingredients in a quart sized Ziploc bag. Add the tuna, squeeze out the air and seal the bag.  Place the bag in a bowl and refrigerate for at least an hour, turning the bag periodically to evenly coat the tuna with the marinade.

For the Almond Slivers

Warm a small frying pan over medium-low heat.  Add the butter and, once melted, add the almond slivers.  Stir frequently until the almonds begin to brown slightly.  Sprinkle with salt and a little garlic powder if you are so inclined.  Drain on a paper towel lined plate.

The Main Event; finally

Mound greens and endive in the center of plates or bowls.  Arrange the orange sections, bell peppers, cucumber, and red onion around the greens. Place the tuna on top of the greens.  If you used fresh tuna, you can grill or pan sear it, slice it, and arrange it on top of the greens. Top the tuna and greens with the dressing of your choice and garnish with the toasted almonds.



Seriously, I am trying to get my Dinner Salad Cookbook published, and this is one of the salads that will be featured in that book.  I’ve included it here as a teaser, a freebie, a mere taste of what I am capable of.  So keep your eyes peeled for my Dinner Salad Cookbook, by Jill Vize, in bookstores EVERYWHERE.  Hopefully soon.  My feet are killing me.

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