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Mexican Rice Salad

May 15, 2024

"I made this salad for a cast party a few days ago and I can tell you not much of it was brought back home.  It's bursting with fresh flavor and can be put together in less than a half hour.  That frees up more time for margaritas.  Yay!  Win - win. "

Quinoa Salad & Grilled Chicken

August 25, 2020

"Here's a quick, easy weeknight meal that satisfies with flavorful lean protein and extra fiber. To be honest, this was the first time I ever cooked quinoa, but it won't be the last.  "

Knife & Fork Burger

August 22, 2020

"Go ahead and have that burger, just skip the bun entirely.  But, it won't be the same, you say?  You are right.  It will be even better.  Trust me.  "

Nicoise Salad

August 11, 2020

"A très chic classic that indulges my fantasy of moving to France.  Feeling hoity-toity?  Want to show off to your friends?  But of course!  I've got you covered, Mon Ami."

Steakhouse Wedge Salad

August 11, 2020

"There's nothing better than a grilled steak paired with the beautiful crunch of crisp, cool Iceberg Lettuce, shaved red onion and bacon bits.  You can add a few cherry tomatoes if you like.  Go ahead.  Be a maverick.  Break the rules.  "

Southwest Chicken Dinner Salad

August 5, 2020

"Perfect for after a long day when you'd just rather ride off into the sunset.  Oh, and tequila is involved, so that should make you feel better immediately."

Cowboy Steak Salad

July 16, 2020

"Rough day of roping and riding?  This one will tickle your sassafras.  Tons of flavor, zero stress.  Hop Sing would be impressed.  "

Grilled Pork & Peaches

July 14, 2020

"Hot Damn!  This is freakin good! I inhaled mine. I would have had seconds, if there were any. Next time I'll make more. A Lot More. "

Cobb Salad

September 24, 2018

"This has been a classic in America for over 75 years.  If you are not familiar with it, check it out.  Sure to satisfy on a hot summer evening.  "

Chicken Livers with Orange and Sage

September 24, 2018

"Low country cooking that will nurture your soul. "