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Basil Oil

Mediterranean Shrimp with Lentils

December 1, 2020

"We can't travel to the Mediterranean right now, but we can still enjoy the flavors of the region.  "

Tarragon & Basil Vinaigrette

August 27, 2020

"We customized our olive brine, usually reserved for cocktails, and combined it with our homemade basil oil (because we grew too much basil) and the result is absofreakinlutely  delectable.  "

Grilled Italian Sandwiches

August 27, 2020

"This is one freakin' good sandwich.  It's sure to charm the pants off your dinner date or at least get you out of the doghouse."

Knife & Fork Burger

August 22, 2020

"Go ahead and have that burger, just skip the bun entirely.  But, it won't be the same, you say?  You are right.  It will be even better.  Trust me.  "

Mom’s Vinaigrette

July 14, 2020

"I used to think vinaigrette was boring.  But, if you do it right, it can compliment a salad and even stand in as a meat marinade. "

Easy Roasted Potatoes

October 9, 2018

"Here's a stupid-easy way to cook potatoes with minimal prep time so that you can move on and do other things.  "

Shrimp Scampi

September 5, 2018

"When my oldest daughter, Heather, was a teenager, this was one of our favorite comfort foods.  You can use big shrimp or little shrimp.  Fresh or frozen.  Either way, it's going to be delicious."

Holiday Brussels Sprouts

September 5, 2018

"We wanted the food to reflect how festive and thankful we were feeling.  This recipe made the list and paired beautifully with our Thanksgiving turkey.  I've since served it at other family gatherings and it also plays well with beef or ham.  But seriously, you don't have to wait for the holidays to try it."

Baked Acorn Squash

September 5, 2018

"This method is stupid easy and the wow factor is right up to 11 (Thank you, Spinal Tap).  The flavors and textures are spot on and you can actually eat the skin.  Prepare to be blown away."

Stupid Easy Croutons

September 3, 2018

"Don't buy croutons at the store.  That's just dumb.  Make these stupid easy croutons at home instead.  Now, that's using your noggin.  "