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Jill’s Holiday Fudge

My family looks forward to receiving this fudge every Christmas.  I don’t normally have a sweet tooth, but this is one recipe I’m willing to break the rules for.  With dried cranberries, pistachio nuts and almond extract, who can resist?  Also, this recipe goes together in less than 10 minutes with very little to wash afterward.  Win-win.

The Stuff You Need:

12 ounces White Chocolate Chips

1/4 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream

1 teaspoon Almond Extract

1/2 Cup dried Cranberries

1/3 Cup chopped Pistachio nuts, shelled and undyed

Here's How It's Done:

  1. Line a loaf pan with foil, leaving enough overhang on either side so you can lift the fudge out when hardened.*
  2. Combine the white chocolate chips, cream and extract in a microwave safe bowl.
  3. Microwave 30 seconds at a time, stirring and heating again until smooth.
  4. Once all the chips are melted, add the cranberries and pistachios.  When combined, scrape into loaf pan or container.
  5. Let cool for an hour or so before sealing.
  6. You can remove the fudge with the foil handles and cut into pieces – or – cut with a butter knife right out of the container.


*If you are shipping the fudge, you can pour the finished fudge right into the plastic container you are gifting it in.  I used Betty Crocker Easy Seal storage containers, 3.79 cup tubs.  They are resealable, flat and perfect for shipping.

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