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How this works: All masks have ties.  Sorry, no elastic.  Personally, I think the ties are more comfortable.  All are made from cotton fabric and are machine washable.  All adult masks now have a nose strip.  Let me know if you’d like one without a nose strip. To request one, or several, you can email me directly from my contact form or contact me from where you originally saw my post, probably Front Page Forum. Look at the photos below and let me know what colors you like.  If you are local, you can pick up from my porch.  If not, I can mail them to you.  Please consider including postage in your donation.  I’m asking for a donation of at least $5.00 per mask, to cover the cost of materials.  If you can spare a little more to support the cause, that’s great too. I am not looking to profit from you during this horrible situation we are all currently facing.  If things are really tight for you right now, I understand.  Just catch up with me when this is all over. If we keep ourselves healthy, then we won’t have to put others at risk. Keep safe, my friends, and tie one on! Jill If you don’t see anything that suits you, check back in a day or so.  New fabrics arriving all the time. I finally made something other than face masks.  If you’ve got the Covid-19 blues, cheer up your kitchen with a set of these fanciful heart-shaped pot holders.  I have 2 sets of the Boho Dream, as pictured below, and more color combinations will be coming soon. The pot holders sell for $30.00 for a set of three.  Why three, you ask?  Like nobody has ever set fire to a pot holder before.  If you only had two to begin with, then one orphan pot holder wont be much use to you.   To request one, or several, you can email me directly from my contact form or contact me from where you originally saw my post, probably Front Page Forum.

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  1. Hello, if you have any left, i would be very grateful for:
    1 teal and blue stripe
    1 Navy and dots
    for a total of 2
    But if you have just one of those already made, that’s fine too.
    Thanks so much.
    Can you please tell me where you are located geographically?

  2. I would love to purchase a blue and white stripe and also the navy/white circle with green/white check ties.
    I am happy to pick them up from your house. – Or wherever is easiest for you. Do you prefer a check or cash? Let me know a convenient time to pick them up? No rush as I do have a neck gator but with warm weather coming that will be too warm.
    Many thanks for using your talent for such a great cause.
    Kindest regards,
    Evie Dworetzky

  3. Hi Jill,
    Thank you for making these masks! Could I purchase two masks, one green and one brown & pink paisley? I live in Stowe and could pick up. Thanks again:)

  4. I would love an adult sized face mask (with nose strip) in either of the bird patterns. I live in Stowe and can pick up. I can leave the donation there when I pick up.

    Thank you for doing this!
    Be well.

  5. Black dot adult mask and black and white adult bird mask. I live in Stowe and can pick up. Please let me know when and where I plan to leave you a check for $20

  6. Hi Jill. I would love 2 adult masks with the nose strip. A black dot and a blue tile one. I live in Stowe so please me know where and when I can pick up and I will leave $10. Thank you so much!

  7. Hi, I would love a mint, ginkgo and a jazzy if you have them. I can pickup if you give me your address and I can leave a check if that’s okay. Many thanks!

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